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Welcome to my kitchen, a fusion of multicultural tastes and flavours

The story behind this food blog

Although I’m Moroccan & currently residing with my family in Turkiye, I feel blessed to have been born and brought up in the UK with a variety of multicultural foods.

Morocco is known for its Mediterranean produce and shares a wonderful cocktail of Arabic, French and Spanish recipes, however, I was fortunate enough to not be restricted to this. Both my parents worked in English catering when they first moved to the UK in the 60s, so, I love a traditional cottage pie and Sunday roast just as much as I do a Tagine 😉

I later married into a beautiful Uzbek family that shared my passion for food and cooking. Alhamdulillah, I’m happy to say that having an Uzbek husband hasn’t decreased the Moroccan in me but instead only enhanced and complemented my culture & ethnic food. I was surprised as to how much our culture & food actually had in common.

Our love for food is just as strong as our love for each other and we spiced up our relationship with traditional recipes that developed into a blend of Eastern & Central Asian influences, this eventually led to the destined merge of tastes. Our children later took the privilege of naming this happy marriage of cultural tastes ‘MORBEK’ (recipes that are a little Moroccan and a little Uzbek).

Ahlan wa sahlan to the world of MORBEK cuisine…

Ahlan Wa sahlan means welcome in the Arabic language. It’s used when inviting guests into your home, so we welcome you to our food corner where you can expect to find some traditional English recipes as well as from the Arab world & Central Asia.

The most loved food to Allah is that which is touched by many hands (shared).

prophet muhammad (pbuh)

One of the reasons we chose to develop & maintain this blog was to help record, preserve & distribute the regular family dishes we enjoy together, for our daughters, sisters, family and friends. In loving memory of my late father (Raheem Allah) who taught me almost everything I know when it comes to Moroccan food & who played a big role in my appreciation & creativity for it.  

Insha Allah, I will be posting articles infused with the beautiful flavours & cultures of both worlds. We are delighted to finally be building our long-awaited new platform in which we intend to showcase our recipes in addition to some kitchen essentials, books, herbs & spices and all the cultural tableware to create & present them with.

Thank you for reading

Please feel free to visit, comment and share my content as well as advise me. Please correct my shortcomings. I value constructive criticism that can benefit me in my learning curve (providing it is given in a respectful & courteous manner 😉

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